Who We Are

Exempt Edge Inc. is a leader in building technological solutions for the exempt market that save time, create efficiencies and move our industry forward.

Our History

Exempt Edge Inc. is a division of the Olympia Financial Group (TSX:OLY) which has over 20 years of experience working with clients in the Private Capital Markets of Canada. 

Our Mission

We believe that participants of the Private Capital Markets of Canada have been historically underserved when it comes to technological solutions. Our mission is to build amazing software that puts our industry on a level playing field with other segments of the wealth building industry.

We are Exempt Edge Inc. – Tech Solutions built FOR the Exempt Market BY the Exempt Market.

Meet Our Team

Craig Skauge


Craig is the Chairman and Founder of the National Exempt Market Association. Mr. Skauge is currently a member of both the Ontario Securities Commission’s Small and Medium Enterprises Committee and the Alberta Securities Commission’s Exempt Market Dealer Advisory Committee. Mr. Skauge previously sat on the Exempt Market Advisory Committee of the Ontario Securities Commission as well. Mr. Skauge is the Executive Vice President and a Director of Olympia Financial Group Inc. (TSX: OLY).

Stephen Preston


Stephen is an entrepreneur and alternative Investor who has spearheaded multiple start-ups and international real estate projects. He joined the Olympia Financial Group in 2013 as Business Development Manager, overseeing a portfolio of 400+ advisors across Canada. In 2016, he co-founded Exempt Edge Inc., a division of the Olympia Financial Group, which creates software for the Private Capital Markets. In less then one year, Exempt Edge has emerged as the fastest growing software solution for Exempt Market Dealers and Issuers in Canada. Stephen earned a BBA with a Financial Services concentration from Mount Royal University. He is a bestselling author who has been featured in Canadian Wealth Magazine, The Private Investor and Wealth Professional. Stephen is the Chair of the Fintech and Innovation Committee for the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada.

Phil du Heaume


Phil articled and spent 5 years at an Edmonton-based mid-size law firm, where his practice was primarily made up of advising clients on corporate, commercial or securities transactions and related matters. He joined Raintree Financial Solutions, one of Canada’s largest exempt market dealers, in 2013 as part of the firm’s senior executive team in the role of Vice-President, Legal & Compliance. He left Raintree in mid 2016 to pursue Phil du Heaume Professional Corporation as a means of providing independent general counsel services to the underserved Edmonton small and medium enterprise (SME) market with Raintree’s support as a key client.

Ryan McKenna


Currently Ryan works as Vice President, Information Technology at Olympia Trust. He has lead several successful projects related to: software development, infrastructure, disaster recovery, information security and technical support. Ryan is a passionate leader in a high performance environment delivering solutions that align with business objectives. His confident leadership style is based on an extensive knowledge of process, development environments, project management and best practices. More recently, Ryan has been developing practices for quality software development using respected current and evolving methodologies and technologies.

Chris Lindsay


Chris has been actively involved in technology and finance for over 2 years, with experience in client management, sales and online technology solutions. Chris is a double graduate from the University of Alberta with degrees in Commerce and Politics/Markets. Since graduation he has worked internationally for both public and private firms, providing a wide array of experience and knowledge.

Alix Sullivan


Alix has had years of experience in customer service and understands that great customer interactions are what foster lasting relationships. Alix got her start in the Exempt Market when she joined the team at Olympia Trust Company. During her time at Olympia she worked closely with the Issuer Services Team and was able to get firsthand experience working with new and existing Issuers. Over the past several years her position has allowed her to gain a unique understanding of the relationship between the Issuers, the dealers and the clients.

Gina Knegt 


As a Digital Marketer, Gina uses her knowledge of email marketing, social media, and digital strategy to create and execute our marketing initiatives. She oversees Exempt Edge’s digital marketing strategy to ensure we’re delivering exciting and relevant content to our audience. When Gina isn’t at work, she is Figure Skating and hanging out with her French bulldog, Luna.

Logan McLean


Logan is our resident designer. When he is not working on developing our website he is animating videos, designing print/marketing media, and improving our user experience. Logan’s goal is to ensure our customer material punches above its weight-class before being shipped off. His current position at Olympia Trust Company as Web and Graphics developer has allowed him to gain valuable insight into the financial industry’s unique design needs.

Aaron Takeda


Prior to joining Exempt Edge, Aaron Takeda has worked with private equity firms for over 10 years, servicing over 30,000 clients across Canada. Through that experience, Aaron developed a deep understanding of industry compliance standards, processes, and efficiencies. He also built strong and valuable client and partner relations and supported sales teams nationally. Aaron is passionate about working within the financial services industry as this allows him to assist clients in reaching their wealth goals. He takes pride in ensuring that he has a thorough knowledge of the varied and often complex exempt market products, and is able to pass this knowledge on to his clients.

Alan Torok-Both 


Alan Torok-Both has spent the last 3 years working closely with EMD’s and Issuers with a primary focus on facilitating the transformation and delivery of data through IT systems. From this he has gained unique insight into the intentions and requirements for investment data from all levels and perspectives. Alan spearheaded the first project in coordinating data with the intent to produce CRM2 compliant statements for EMD’s. Alan has a Bachelor of commerce degree, certificates in IT Service Management and Website design. He also enjoys outdoor activities in his spare time but can just as easily be found tucked away in a corner troubleshooting computer systems.

Shengkai Ju 


Shengkai Ju is an experienced Developer and Tech Guru. He has a wide range of knowledge in different programming languages and has an extensive development background. Throughout his career, Shengkai has been dedicated to introducing new technologies to various industries and has been an active open-source supporter. When Shengkai isn’t working, he is crafting robots and you guessed it, coding!




“There is no doubt in my mind that Exempt Edge provides industry leading solutions for the Exempt Market.”

Nick Fournier, CEO, Raintree Financial Solutions

“Stephen and the team at Exempt Edge represent a new phase for us at Rockspring Capital. Having done business with Olympia for many years we know the quality of products they bring into the exempt market space. Getting to incorporate EE’s new product into our interface means taking another step for our investors to create an experience that is customized to their needs backed be the quality that Olympia/Exempt Edge have established.”

Michael Kastel, Director Investor Relations, Rockspring Capital

“Signing up with Exempt Edge was a very easy decision for us to make at R&D.   Thanks to the focused tech solutions designed specifically for the exempt market, we are very happy and confident with all of our back office needs going forward.  We also know that with Olympia’s track record, we will be prepared for whatever else may come.

Jason Park, President, Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc.


For a complete list of product features and pricing information, fill out this form.


For a complete list of product features and pricing information, fill out this form.