Client Spotlight - Westbow Capital

BY EXEMPTEDGEINC | December 10, 2019 6:21 PM

At Exempt Edge, we love to celebrate our clients and their success! In honour of this commitment, we have a Client Spotlight Series. In this edition, we interviewed Joe Vogel, Investor Relations at Westbow Capital.

1) Tell us about your company

Westbow Capital is a real estate fund that raises capital from investors in order to acquire income-producing real estate investment properties. The fund focuses on acquiring a portfolio of primarily low to mid density residential real estate properties in Western Canada and pay out rental income as distributions to investors. Managed by partners Dick and Nick Westeringh who have over 40 years of experience building and owning real estate all over North America. This has taught them many lessons in the analysis, acquisition, disposition, repairs, upgrading and other facets that are core to managing rental real estate properties.

2) What sets your company apart? 

The Westbow Group of Companies has a residential construction and development arm of the business called Westbow Construction, which has created numerous synergies and advantages for Westbow Capital. The strategic partnership with Westbow Construction will allow Westbow Capital to acquire purpose-built rentals at a discount to retail price. This discount will be largely in part due to the fact that Westbow Construction will not have to bare certain fees such as marketing expenses, realtor commissions, and holding costs since Westbow Capital will be lined up as the end buyer, which simplifies the sales process. This creates a competitive advantage as we believe this process will result in an increase in equity value and a strong rate of return for investors. The upgrading of older rental buildings will be another key strength in this partnership since Westbow Construction has valuable relationships in the industry and a deep understanding of the residential construction market. This will allow Westbow Capital to acquire aging rental stock and bring it up to current standards in an effort to build equity and improve occupancy.

3) What are your future goals or vision moving forward?

The future goals of Westbow Capital is to be a premier real estate investment fund in Canada. We aspire to offer the opportunity to invest in real estate to the masses across Canada and internationally, helping our investors strengthen their investment portfolio

4) What are your hopes for our industry?

Our hopes for the industry is that the Private Capital Market continues to grow and exempt investments become more of a mainstream investment option. We hope that more people get educated on the private investment industry and realize that having some private investments can actually help diversify and strengthen their portfolio.

5) How has Exempt Edge software impacted your day-to-day business?

Exempt Edge has helped facilitate efficient record keeping and reporting internally, for investors, and for the Securities Commission. Having one functional system customized for the private investment market has enabled our team to keep accurate records in an efficient manner.

6) How has your experience been with the Exempt Edge team?

The Exempt Edge team has made a lot of effort to offer an amazing client experience, always making themselves available to deal with our questions and requests for help. They have also demonstrated that they welcome suggestions on how they can make the software better for all clients or how to customize solutions specifically for our business needs.

7) Anything else you’d like people to know?

Another important aspect of the Westbow Group of Companies is the charitable arm of the business due to the owners’ commitment to having a lasting impact on the world around us through an initiative called “Westbow Gives Back”. Westbow Group of Companies has been partnering with an organization called Hungry for Life to touch the lives of the people of Haiti, the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere. Our team has also partnered with Haiti Free School Project and is donating $500 from homes sold to the project. Every $500 sponsors a child’s education for a year! That means every time you partner with us your helping build schools and educate underprivileged kids in Haiti. Through sponsoring childrens’ education, helping fund and build schools in third world countries, it allows the Westbow Group to having a lasting impact on the lives of the less fortunate.

About Joe Vogel

As Investor Relations, Joe Vogel works to guide advisors and investors through the Westbow Capital opportunity. Since changing careers from his 16 year career in the not-for-profit world, 10 years as an Executive Director, Joe understands the importance of building lasting relationships, being resourceful to overcome challenges, and to persevere forward with a winning attitude.

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