Exempt Edge's Spring 2020 Features Release

BY EXEMPTEDGEINC | August 4, 2021 3:16 PM

Exempt Edge’s mission is to create software for companies operating in the Private Capital Market of Canada that rival the tools used by larger segments of the financial services industry.

Written by Stephen Preston, Vice President of Exempt Edge Inc.

By listening to and collaborating with our clients we build features that streamline and simplify the challenging and complex world of private investing and capital raising with a deep focus on enhancing the overall investor experience.

With that being said, I am very excited to share with you the latest and soon to be released features developed by the Exempt Edge team and in collaboration with our clients. These add-on features can be activated for anyone using our system:

1. EE-Sign (Electronic Signatures)

2. Share Certificates

3. EdgeLink Dashboard

*These features are set to release in May 2020


The world of private investments is complex - involving stacks of paperwork and a myriad of unique forms. For e-signatures to truly gain adoption in the private capital market, we decided against integrating with some of the more commonly used digital signature providers as it ultimately would have led to limited functionality and a significant cost increase for our users.

In order to give our users and their clients the best e-signature experience, we developed EE-Sign from the ground up. Having our own in app e-signature solution gives our users complete control of the document editing and signature process.

Benefits of EE-Sign:

  • An easy to use tool designed specifically for exempt market dealers and issuers

  • Works in conjunction with your Exempt Edge pre-populated documents

  • Safely send documents VIA secure investor portal

  • Send requests to multiple assignees

  • Investor EE-Sign acknowledgment with audit tracking of time, date, location and IP address

  • Real-time status notification

  • A much more streamlined and user-friendly investment experience

*Pricing starting at $30.00 per user


Share Certificates

Using law firms, fund administrators and transfer agents to issue share certificates can be costly. Our share certificate module allows Issuers and Mortgage Investment Entities the ability to save money and take control by creating their own share certificates.

Benefits of Share Certificates:

  • Automatically create individual share certificates

  • Create global share certificates

  • Unit and shareholder reporting

  • Ability to define for "electronic book entry" vs certificate

  • Share directly with investors through their secure portal

  • Issuers can choose to share certificates VIA Edgelink

*Pricing starting at $150.00

EdgeLink Dashboard (Issuers)

The EdgeLink dashboard was designed to give Issuers an up to date visual representation of their capital raising effort while also gaining insight into key business analytics.

Benefits of the EdgeLink Dashboard:

  • See a full display of all your deals with the new deal pipeline

  • See what deals are in progress by your EdgeLink connected dealers to keep your pulse on incoming capital

  • Compare total sales by offering using several date parameters

  • Track your top dealers and advisors

*The EdgeLink dashboard is a free feature for all EdgeLink Issuers


Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming feature developments.

Have some ideas or feedback for us? We would love to hear from you.

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