How to Keep Business Moving Forward During COVID-19

BY EXEMPTEDGEINC | March 25, 2020 10:24 PM

As our business community adjusts to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a guide to advise our clients and the stakeholders in our industry on best practices for remote work and how to keep business moving forward. We also outline how Exempt Edge can assist you during this time.

Best Practices for Remote Work:

  • Communication is key. During this time, it is vital that companies use multiple avenues for communication. Leverage tools such as your external/internal website, instant messaging platforms such as Slack, email and social media. It is important that leaders ensure their messaging to both employees and to the public is consistent and updated frequently as this situation seems to rapidly change.

  • Have the right technology in place. Instead of having in-person meetings, utilize remote webcast systems such as Zoom. When making a connection with a client, colleague or potential client it is important to have face-to-face interaction. Tools like Zoom allow you to do so virtually. At Exempt Edge, we offer software solutions to facilitate back office compliance approvals, streamline administration and create efficiencies that eliminate paperwork and unnecessary in-person meetings. Ensuring the right technology is in place creates a seamless virtual working experience.

  • Keep your team culture strong. If your team is used to working together in-person, they are probably used to the social benefits that comes from an in-person team environment. Ensure you’re utilizing a group messaging platform. As mentioned previously Slack is a great tool, but there any many others available such as Chanty, GChat and Connectteam. Another important aspect is keeping morale strong. Check in on your employees and perhaps plan virtual team bonding activities such as taking an hour a week to play a group game online.

How to Keep Business Moving Forward:

  • Transacting with client’s remotely. If dealing representatives must engage with clients remotely, you will have to conduct the meetings through technological means, including by mail, telephone, email or remote webcast systems such as Zoom. All policies and procedures of the firm should still remain in place for remote meetings with clients, however certain additional steps must be taken to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and to ensure that clients are not being put at undue risk as a result of the methods of communication. Key considerations include:

       1) Verifying the identity of a client remotely for the purpose of AML/PCMLTFA purposes;

       2) Confirming the identity of a client whose identity has already been verified prior to divulging confidential personal information.

        3) Acceptance of electronic signatures for material agreements and documents

  • Verifying the identity of a client remotely for the purpose of AML/PCMLTFA. Ensure you are still using the dual process method which involves referring to documents from two different and reliable, independent sources to confirm individual’s name, date of birth, address and/or confirm that they have a deposit, credit card or a loan account with a financial entity.

  • Utilizing software solutions to reduce wasted resources, travel time and in-person meetings. Again, having the right technology is key. Along with having a webcasting system in place, Exempt Edge offers solutions that streamline administration and provide the ability to manage your investments and track all your clients accounts and transactions in one place.

How Exempt Edge can Help

Our software solutions foster the ability to increase the productivity and sophistication in which your business operates. We offer solutions that can assist Exempt Market Dealers, Dealing Representatives, Issuers and Fund Managers navigate remote work. Our solutions offer everything from providing an ecosystem that allows for various stakeholders in our industry to facilitate the transfer of data to e-signatures. Our solutions can be easily and securely accessed via web portal or mobile, regardless of where you are working.

Our software suite currently includes Dealer Edge, Issuer Edge and EdgeLink. If you are a current client and would like to know more about how our team can assist you during this time, please email us at If you would like more information on our platforms, please request a demo and a member of our team would be happy to walk you through how we can help your business.

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