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Dealer Edge is the most complete and user-friendly back office Exempt Market Dealer Software in the country. Not only does it assist with compliance, it makes the entire transaction process paperless and the onboarding experience seamless for your Investors.


Investor Management

Track all your clients’ accounts and transactions in one place.

Advisor Access

Advisors can track their clients, complete net worth calculations, enter transactions and auto display client concentration limits by province.

Compliance and Deal Approval

A robust suite of KYC and KYP tools available, including automated workflows to streamline your approval process.

Issuers and Offerings

Easily add, manage and track your entire product shelf all in one place.

Client Portal

White labeled portal accessible from any device showcasing notifications, statements, project updates and transactions.

CRM2 Statements

Branded and consolidated client statements that report on all CRM2 requirements including transactions, fees, positions and performance.

Pre-Populated Documents

Never enter your clients’ information twice by using our prepopulated forms pushed from the original client record.


Stay on top of your Issuers and Advisors with robust reporting capabilities. Track all commissions, referral fees, trailers and more.

Digital Signatures

Make the sign off process quick and painless with our digital signatures feature.

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