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EdgeLink™ is the only ecosystem for the Private Capital Markets of Canada. The software was created to solve a fundamental problem – that of connectivity between the various stakeholders in our industry.

With Edgelink™, Issuers, Exempt Market Dealers, Investors, Trust Companies, and Advisors can connect securely with each other to facilitate the seamless transfer of data, thus drastically reducing the amount of manual data entry, paperwork, and human error.

How it works

It all starts with your EdgeLink™ number. Every company on the EdgeLink™ ecosystem is assigned a unique number which acts as an identifier in the ecosystem. To connect with another company, simply login to your Exempt Edge system and enter the EdgeLink™ number for the party you wish to connect with.

EdgeLink Hub
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Issuers: Connect to Dealers

  • Receive orders and documents
  • Send distribution information
  • Send CMV information
  • Eliminate double data entry by allowing you to copy new client information
  • Track capital pipeline by number of filters

Dealers: Connect to Issuers

  • Send purchase orders and documents
  • Receive distribution information
  • Import offerings
  • Eliminate email distribution of sensitive information
  • Activity log enables you to see the status of a transaction
Dealers Connecting To Issuers diagram



Automated Investor Relations

Make the sign-off process quick and painless with our digital signatures feature.

Seamless Transactions

Advisors, EMDs and Issuers can enter transactions, complete net worth calculations and then simultaneously track the status of the transaction.

Full Database Control

Set permission levels for data transfers and have full control over what information gets in and out of your system.

Approved Marketing Material Vault

One click transfers of approved marketing material from Issuers to EMDs. EMDs can then update their marketing material library, replacing old marketing material, which updates their Advisors automatically.

Real Time Notifications and Activity Tracking

Issuers can send project updates and relevant company news to an EMD. Once the EMD approves the information, they can notify DRs and update client/investor portals.

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