Client Spotlight – Rethink & Diversify Securities Inc.

BY EXEMPTEDGEINC | June 10, 2019 9:23 PM

At Exempt Edge, we love to celebrate our client’s success. In honour of this commitment, we’ve started a client spotlight series. This month, we interviewed Jason Park, CEO of Rethink & Diversify Securities Inc.

Describe Rethink & Diversify Securities Inc. 

Rethink And Diversify Securities Inc. (R&D) is an Exempt Market Dealer offering private capital investment opportunities to our clients.  We were founded because there’s a need for proper portfolio diversification.  But more than that, this is our passion and it’s something that we believe in.  We believe that at the heart of every big business that started out in a garage with humble beginnings, there is the passion of an entrepreneur who executed on their dream.  We want to be a part of that for many reasons.

What sets R&D apart?  

The difference at R&D is our entrepreneurial mindset and guiding principles.  Everyone agrees to be included in the principles and they go above and beyond what’s the minimum requirement.  So, if you’re a Dealing Representative at R&D, it means something more and we want everyone to know.

What are the company’s future goals or vision? 

They’re simple.  We want to have an inviting atmosphere for productive Dealing Representatives that includes working collaboratively with everyone at R&D so that we all become better.  From a Dealer perspective, it means supporting everyone so that their business and their dreams run efficiently and smoothly.  And it means respecting the current and future entrepreneurs that have helped us achieve the tremendous growth that we have over the years.   Finally, it means respecting our client’s capital.

How has Exempt Edge software improved/impacted your day-to-day business?

Overall, it was a smooth transition to the Exempt Edge and Dealer Edge platforms.  With the requirement to have ongoing account reporting and statements, it became apparent that our previous Backoffice provider was not going to be able to do what Exempt Edge can do nearly as well or efficiently.  Exempt Edge understands the space our industry operates within.  And as a company with a focus on supporting our Dealing Representative’s business, the ability to have pre-populating forms after initial data entry and electronic signatures through Dealer Edge was extremely important.

How has your experience been with the Exempt Edge team?

The experience has been very good.  When a need for new features has presented itself, the Exempt Edge team has shown a commitment to work with us.  Further, whenever there has been a need for assistance with the basic operations of the portal, they have always responded promptly and never left us in a compromising position.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

Exempt Edge has delivered on everything as advertised and have shown a commitment to work with us as a partner.

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